The climate is changing.

So why aren’t we?

The climate is changing.

So why aren’t we?

The climate is changing.

So why aren’t we?

An obvious solution to our current Climate and Ecological Emergency is that we change our behaviour. But are we changing fast enough?

An obvious solution to our current Climate and Ecological Emergency is that we change our behaviour. But are we changing fast enough?

Welcome to – a community environmental awareness raising project and call to action – offering local solutions to global problems. 

For far too long we have left the fate of future generations and the fragile health of our beautiful blue green home in the hands of politicians and big business. Local people taking action in their communities is proving time and time again to be the only way to realise true and lasting change.

“If we wait for governments, it will be too late. If we act as individuals, it will be too little. But if we act as communities, it might just be enough, and it might just be in time.”

– Ben Brangwyn co-founder of the Transition movement

We have set up Ltd as a Not For Profit Company with an idea that we think will help our local communities make a stand against climate change and the relentless destruction of the natural world. Realising that our “protesting”, petition signing, liking and sharing was falling on deaf ears we knew we had to do more.

So with the support of others we hope we can achieve our objectives of helping to build community resilience to climate change over the next few years. We will do this by simply joining forces and strengthening two existing environmental networks of every day people with the imagination and passion to take action for a better world.

Community eco friendly trading network

Wikaniko Ltd is a family run local business with a bespoke eco friendly network marketing model developed to help and support people in the journey to becoming more sustainable – personally and as a society. They quite rightly see themselves as “Motivated to be part of the solution, to problem solve. Motivated to bring about positive change.”

Before helping set up I had been working in the not for profit sector on environmental awareness campaigns and fundraising to pay for them since the mid seventies. In that time I haven’t seen a more cost effective fundraising and community engagement strategy than Wikaniko’s trading model. Which also itself acts as a campaign tool for sustainability and social change.

This is why we asked Wikaniko if we could use it to raise funds and awareness by increasing its scope and building a new network of third sector Independent Wikaniko distributors. This would give local churches, schools, charities, and community organisations an incredibly inexpensive opportunity not only to raise unrestricted funds for their community causes but to also help their supporters make greener, healthier choices for their families and the planet.

What better way to raise funds for community projects than by offering the practical locally provided solutions to many of our global environmental problems. Of course simultaneously you’ll be helping raise awareness of and stimulating community action on the Climate and Ecological Emergency which threatens all life on this planet and generations yet to come.

Community Transitions Network

The Transition Towns formula which offers communities the tools and training to bring its local people together to reimagine and rebuild their communities has been growing since 2005. Regarded as an ongoing social experiment this Transitions Network has spread to 50 countries.

With the objective of strengthening the transition network here in Essex will use the profits generated by our eco trading network to engage with communities and act as a catalyst in the motivation, formation and support of many new transitions groups and social enterprises across Essex and maybe beyond.

These groups can take many forms but we will be encouraging bold and ambitious projects like cooperative community owned solar generation and storage, food growing and distribution networks, Forrest gardens with urban and rural Rewilding. Once formed these groups can then join the Wikaniko network as new independent distributors raising funds themselves while growing and strengthening both networks.

For those still reading…

The Why, The How and The Who, and The How Much

The Why

Any way you look at it there is not much good news about our environment. Climate change is at the top of a long and growing list of environmental problems, which need our urgent attention. The list includes mass extinctions, habitat loss, the implications of no more insects like bees and more plastic in the oceans than fish.

Time is running out and it is vital that we work together at a community level to help raise more awareness of green issues and encourage many more people to act greener. We need a lot more people doing some of the basics rather than a handful doing so much.

Back in 2020 the United Nations along with many national and local governments across the world declared a climate and ecological state of emergency. It’s a final call to action for all those who have not answered the call before and those concerned with the future of our children and the millions of remaining species who share this beautiful blue green planet. 

The Covid incident along with extreme weather events the past couple of years have woken a lot more people to the fact that our communities are extremely vulnerable to rapid environmental change with the most vulnerable of our communities suffering the worst.

The effects of COVID on community gave us great examples of people coming together to face a crisis. These people with support from their third sector rose to the challenge.

Fundraising and how to recover from the crisis with the potential for more issues to come is a growing concern for all charities large or small. With the additional economic restrictions of the present many traditional methods of raising funds and awareness will become much harder over the coming years. We need to come up with new and imaginative ways to engage with people and enlist their support if we are to face the environmental and financial challenges of an uncertain future.

The How and The Who

Becoming the change you want to see in the world! 

To help encourage change I am using as a catalyst a bespoke eco-friendly cooperative business model from a local family run company called Wikaniko (we-can-eco). With over ten years trading experience under their belt and two young children of their own they are determined and passionate about raising awareness of environmental issues. Their products are essential tools for communities to use in a Transition to a lifestyle that embraces a Greener brighter future for our children and allows life on Earth to thrive.

The company’s central ethos is education and environmental protection. It only sells eco-friendly products and it is a marketing cooperative. This means that there are no high salaried posts and all its members are distributors who share in the profits of the company.

I approached Wikaniko and proposed that their business model though designed originally as a work from home business opportunity for individuals, could be used by local charities and other community organisations as a low cost, high return fundraising system to compliment traditional funding methods. 

Community charities are born from a response to communities needs. They work tirelessly to help sections of their community in a variety of ways. Without them, this help would in most cases not be available. Who better positioned then to ask for help in raising awareness of green issues that affect us all.

Many community organisations are already leading the way with green initiatives of their own, e.g. eco church and eco schools. Such organisations have a pre-existing audience that respects and listens to them. They have the potential to spread the green message to a much broader range of people and with this project raise more funds and supporters while doing so.

Due to its simplicity, its negligible running costs and the fact that they offer to do almost all the work for you makes the Wikaniko business model an ideal choice for community NGOs and local charities to use for fundraising purposes. In essence it is an out-of-house eco-friendly educational merchandising operation and digital fundraising platform. 

There are 3 main ways that you can raise unrestricted funds for your charity/group using the Wikaniko model:

     1. WEBSITE

When you sign up to Wikaniko you will be given instant access to your own replica website. This online warehouse of green ideas is all maintained and run for you. All you need to do is to make your supporters aware of it and provide them with a link to your replica site using your standard marketing methods. Your supporters will then have the opportunity to search the site for their product choices that will then be picked, packed and posted to them by the team at Wikaniko. It is that simple.


Many local charities have fundraising shops in which they perform a great eco-friendly community initiative already – raising funds by reusing a wide range of items donated by their supporters that would otherwise end up in landfill sites. The Wikaniko model would allow you to expand this green initiative by providing a selection of eco-friendly products in your shop from your Wikaniko warehouse. There are also, of course, the fairs, fates and street stalls that many local charities are involved with for fundraising purposes.

Delivery is free on all orders of £100 or above and you will be making on top of your volume bonus up to 45% mark up in the process. This selection of products, of course, would draw lots more footfalls to your shops and encourage people to use your Wikaniko online shop.


Network marketing is a business of creating relationships. That is why the teambuilding aspect is my favourite part of the model. It provides a fantastic opportunity to help other good causes or individuals. Your organisation will no doubt have lots of contacts and connections in community so will know many that would truly benefit from joining. Remembering, of course, that these people or other groups/charities in your team with your encouragement and possibly guidance will be raising funds for themselves and for you too.

The Internet is changing the very fabric of our communities. Hardly a month goes by without news of another wave of shops shutting or of stores losing money. Online shopping is the future whether we like it or not. People need to adapt and develop new skills if they are to earn a living as many jobs will change or disappear completely. There is an important role for ethical business models and companies like Wikaniko to train a whole new generation of independent traders. It is imperative that we create new opportunities for people to help strengthen our local economies.

I’m asking for help from the community to support the project because it is an extremely simple one and has great potential to act as a catalyst for change. However, it will only work if supported by the community stakeholders it is intended to help. 

The project’s objectives are to invite stakeholders to join and help build a national network of new third sector independent Wikaniko distributor’s. This network with its body of community influencers will create many new fundraising opportunities for charities across the UK. Stakeholders will also be invited to join the Transitions network in their area and either support groups and community projects or come together to start their own.

Almost all of the administration would fall on Wikaniko HQ or team builders such as me. In fact, I have set up to focus almost entirely on the teambuilding aspect of the business model, which will allow me to help your organisation every step of the way. The rest could quite easily be managed by your fundraising team and volunteers. 

If you represent or are a part of a church, social club, student union, local charity, school, sports club etc., which needs to raise funds and would like to help raise awareness of green issues while also providing the solutions we so desperately need then I invite you to please join us.

How it works and whos does what

The How Much

When I first approached Wikaniko I thought that if they agreed to my proposal they would want more money from charities for signing up. In fact they did the opposite and said that they would refund the set up costs of £24.95 for registered charities. All they would require would be the £4.95 per month towards maintenance of your Replica website. So for less than £5 a month you will have a very professional eco friendly e-commerce trading business.

Ask yourselves how many fundraising models have that price tag while remembering the cost of the model stays the same even if funds raised rise exponentially. 

To Wrap Up

All the pieces of the puzzle exist within local communities. We hope that with your help our strategy will be able to unlock many peoples imagination and together build more resilience.

We feel it has great potential and is a fantastic way to engage with your community, help raise essential funds and act as a beacon of hope in an uncertain future.

The potential benefits from joining for individuals, organisations and the wider community will take a small investment in time but could prove to be substantial in the long run.

I hope you have enjoyed reading the outline of the project. I’m looking forward to your feedback and the opportunity to answer your questions in person, via email or over the telephone.

John Booth


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John Booth

With over 40 years experience as an environmentalist John has developed The project aims to help bring communities together to stand against climate change and the relentless destruction of the natural world.