August 2023

Snail’s progress on Swift Bricks

The homelessness plight of some of our aerial fast mover friends came up a few months ago in a petition that we signed and shared with our social media networks. Like all good campaigns it is a collaboration between highly motivated individuals and organisations championing what little Biodiversity we have left. On Monday 10th July […]

Snail’s progress on Swift Bricks


EXTERMINATED I love that word reminds me of Dr Who and the Daleks. How scared I was as a boy literally hiding behind the settee for every episode and ducking down when it got too scary. Turns out though people are much scarier than Daleks and when it comes to exterminating stuff people make Daleks

#Rewilding


#TakingBackOurPower Our societies’ energy requirements which some may identify as more of an addiction is a major global problem. There is no better example of how local solutions can not only reduce our dependence upon fossil fuels and those who profit from their extraction but also build the foundations of more sustainable, efficient and resilient

#CommunityEnergy