News From The Front

Spring 2024

🌍 More about me and BFB Yikes! We are a bit behind in the old schedule! Well, you know what they say the best-laid plans of mice, men and environmentalists. Unfortunately, according to the Department of Work and Pensions, setting up and running a not-for-profit company like Boiling Frogs makes me “not gainfully self-employed”. It […]

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Autumn Equinox

#BeforeTheLastTreeIsCut Lots in the news about HS2 and how recently even the government is questioning the validity of the project. Go figure! Of course, you have to consider that a general election is on the horizon and that my friends is like blood in the water to sharks. Is the indecision about the project first

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Late summer 2023

#BeforeTheLastTreeIsCut BFB is all about sharing stories about communities coming together to take action for the environment and the fight for Coton Orchard is one hell of a great story. It’s good to see some celebrities are giving their support to the cause. This is a fine example of a community making a stand or

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Snail’s progress on Swift Bricks

The homelessness plight of some of our aerial fast mover friends came up a few months ago in a petition that we signed and shared with our social media networks. Like all good campaigns it is a collaboration between highly motivated individuals and organisations championing what little Biodiversity we have left. On Monday 10th July

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