#TogetherWeCan Update Autumn Equinox

This excerpt has been taken from the News From The Front (NFTF) Autumn Equinox article.

Taken from the above article:

β€œCreate a new right to grow and right to plant giving individuals and local communities the legal right to plant in existing public green spaces in their neighbourhoods, and much easier to plant in streets.”

β€œCreate a new right to grow” ? Now, I know that this government is not a great fan of human rights but should it not be an inalienable human right to be able to grow food to feed yourself and others? A time is coming sooner than most people realise when this will again be an essential part of the existence of communities across this not-so-green and generally unpleasant land.

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More to follow 🌍🌎🌍🌎🌍

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