#CommunityEnergy Update Autumn Equinox

This excerpt has been taken from the News From The Front (NFTF) Autumn Equinox article.
Shropshire and Telford Community Energy (STCE)

Dave Green, from STCE outlines the reasons why they want the site in community ownership:

β€œOne of the great advantages of our share offer is that not only does it allow people to invest in something which helps the environment and receive a targeted six per cent return, but it will also generate significant funds which can be pumped back into the community.”

β€œOur projection is that the Twemlows Community Benefit Fund could be worth up to Β£4.5million over the next 18 years to be distributed among local projects. Because we will target the money at energy efficiency and renewable energy projects, we will be able to deliver even more carbon emission reductions and sustainability.”

Community Energy England

Community Energy England have been asking the government to help the growing #CommunityEnergy movement and stop hindering it. They point out that they have managed to do all they have done with their hands tied behind their backs. Imagine what they could do and, of course, others like them if the government did all they could to help. With an election coming up maybe you should ask your potential parliamentary candidates what their views are on community independence from multinational energy corporations.

More to follow 🌍🌎🌍🌎🌍

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