#BeforeTheLastTreeIsCut Update Mid summer 2023

This excerpt has been taken from the News From The Front (NFTF)Β Mid Summer 2023 article.

Bad PR month for the HS2 construction or in this case destruction as a huge sinkhole appears in the Chillterns. Local TV are reporting it as a major concern for local people and campaigners against the HS2 project. Not sure if this is a major problem compared to the overall expenditure and destruction of wildlife, old growth forests and the future of biodiversity in the affected areas. But it’s certainly not a feather in their cap.

Supporters of Yew Tree Farms bid to fight off developers gathering along the precious hedgerows designated for destruction. The protesters were joined by Councillors from all four political parties.

The new council bosses made it some of their first business to overturn development plans but is this just political Greenwashing ?The campaigners at STRAW seem to think so. They are asking for renewed help in convincing the council to scrap the plans altogether and save the last remaining trees. So if you are from the Plymouth area please lend your support and if your not then maybe you can help in some other way.

I am sure that this situation is being repeated across the country as politicians are reshuffling and making bold statements to the handful of people who bothered to vote them in.

More to follow 🌎🌍🌎🌍🌎

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